Late last year Rafael Bonachela (artistic director) of Sydney Dance Company approached me with an idea… He had been walking the streets of New York listening to JS Bach’s Partitas for solo violin and was taken by their visceral beauty.
Would I be interested in performing Partita Nr. 2 with it’s masterful ‘Chaconne’ on stage with dancers for his new major work?
A seriously terrifying prospect indeed requiring absolute dedication.
On the other hand an amazing opportunity that would push me to the limit both mentally and physically..
And so it began.. I learned and memorized the piece and composer and longtime collaborator Nick Wales was commissioned to write electronic ‘minatures’ using my sampled violin to create a little breath between movements.
Bringing together the old and the new…
Bach for a modern world.

Having recently recorded this as my debut CD I am exploring Bach’s Partita Nr.2 further juxtaposing the movements with my own improvisations.